SandStorm Research & Development

SandStorm is at
the cutting edge
of where the market
is moving, tomorrow.

SandStorm is currently engaged in the latest and most bleeding edge

  • HTML 5 technologies
  • Social gaming and real money gaming technologies
  • Web and operating system specific application technologies
  • System gamification technologies
  • Augmented reality technologies

'We've got you covered.'

SandStorm has the superior ability to very quickly analyse and phase a project,

determine the required resources for fulfillment, the fastest route to market,

and the fastest method of monetisation. And every aspect in between.

SandStorm Design and Development


Every design and development project
that comes under SandStorm.

Custom. Quality. High-end. Designed to be loved. Designed to convert. SandStorm brands speak for themselves.

In today's day and age, branding is the final frontier to standing out in a sea of competition. Branding is everything.

You think it, we deliver it. SandStorm has an unrivaled ability to fulfill your wildest concept. Our Investment Team may have a lot to say about it, but creativity sometimes does that.

Control witout giving up on flexibility and maneuverability. We design management systems that are robust, providing you with updating, reporting, branching and scaling ability at the push of a button.

Nothing has changed when it comes to first impressions. SandStorm will blow your mind, and your customers...well, they just keep coming back for more.

If you're not already Mobile, pick up the phone and call us right away. We'll let you take all the credit for doubling your business overnight.

SandStorm Business Management & Turnkey Solutions

Built for absolute business control

The SandStorm backoffice is built for absolute business control, in real time.

Built modular and specifically turnkey to suit any business model.

Manages all aspects of business in an easily comprehensible dashboard.

Customer Relationship

Simple yet incredibly in-depth customer management, in real-time. With detailed customer acquisition and retention segmentation, full control the funnel at all times is key, with flexibility to adjust and optimise at any time.

Business Intelligence

Easy access to big data, and simple customization of customer acquisition, retention activities, fraud and risk, and overall information requirements. Powerful reporting, drilled down to the most basic information query.

Custom Solutions

Seamless connection to each vertical and seamless integration to third party products. From content to management services, we excel at modular add-ons and expansions in a flexible operating environment.

Flexible and Comprehensive Turnkey Solutions

An entire concept wrapped into a full business structure, with strategic objective management and measurement at the click of a button, the best-of-market content ready to go, and all supporting services at your fingertips.

Customised User Experience

Designed and built to be understood at a glance. Designed and built for specific business divisions and models. Designed and built to be scaled at the push of a button.

Where we excel:

  • Player handling
  • Payment processing
  • CRM
  • CMS
  • Reporting & Accounting
  • Loyalty systems
  • Multiple bonus systems
  • SEO ready
  • Multilingual
  • User communications
  • Compliance
  • Regulated specifications and requirements
  • Demographic targeting customisation
  • Customer offering

SandStorm Merchant Solutions

Finances are
the core
of any business.
We have them covered.

SandStorm operates on the scale and skill required not just to be competitive in today’s

market, but to dominate. We have mastered every aspect of the banking solution equation,

so that payments are always online, and customers are never turned away.

Where we excel:

  • Number of Gateways
  • Fees percentage integration
  • Method/user limits
  • All major eWallets, credit cards, and specific local methods
  • Multi currency
  • Routing and optimisation
  • User-to-user transfers
  • Reporting and Accounting
  • Transaction history and search
  • Risk management and ID verification

SandStorm Customer Services

Everything starts with
the customer.

By whatever medium, through whatever channel, in multiple languages, 24 hours of every day, SandStorm Customer Service is guiding customers through the funnel to action. Conversion and lifetime value through superior relationship management from the moment they walk through the door.

  • 24/7 Telephone, Email and Chat support
  • Multiple languages spanning the globe
  • Constant evaluation of conversion processes
  • Constant evaluation of retention programs and processes
  • Constant analysis and reduction of churn
  • Specific cross-over strategies, finding the perfect fit

SandStorm Marketing & Acquisition Services

SandStorm Marketing
and Acquisition is everywhere

Tightly connected to SandStorm Customer services, SandStorm Marketing and Acquisition is everywhere, mastering every funnel, and converting every traffic source, all the time.

SandStorm has vast successful experience in:

  • very quickly identifying the target customer
  • processing and building the most engaging and highest converting campaigns
  • sourcing high volume traffic channels and relationships
  • closing the right deals for both sides
  • consistent focus on bottom-line ROI

Where we excel:

  • Media and Network
  • Affiliation and Partnerships
  • Lead Generation
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Offline - Television, Radio, Mail, Guerrilla

SandStorm Investment Solutions

SandStorm is at
the cutting-edge
of where the market
is moving, tomorrow.

SandStorm is always on the lookout for new and interesting market leading investment opportunities. SandStorm provides an economy of scale suitable to any online business that is looking to scale, reinvent, bolster services, or simply needing advice on the next stage to play.

Get in touch with us for an opportunity
to pitch your business model.